Sample Quilt – Longarmed

I mounted my sample quilt to my longarm. For this quilt, I chose an overall design for the center of the quilt and a coordinating border and corner design to finish the outside edges.

When I quilted the borders, I removed the first set of basting stitches. The I folded the points back down to the completed center quilting. I again basted the points, this time with them folded toward the center. For my border I set my margins to be 1/2” from the outside edge (allows for binding) and 1/4” from the inside seam.

This quilt has prairie points so I had to be cautious. If the foot got caught in these pockets I could break the machine and destroy my quilt. For the inside of the quilt, I folded the prairie points up onto the outside border. Next I basted them down. For placement, I made sure to leave 1/4 inch below the points for stitching.

I used Anne Bright’s “In the Swirl” designs from her February 2020 bronze collection. I used the B2B design for the center, the corner for each corner of the border, and finally the border design.

I use QCT5 pro on my longarm. There are features found only in the Gold version of the software. I used pattern eclipse for my last row of the center pantograph. This ensured my pattern stopped 1/4” from the last row of prairie points. Next, I used the borders and corners feature. This allows me to easily place, set margins, and adjust for ‘wonky’ edges using fabric compensation.

When quilting the borders, I first do the borders and corners on the quilts top and bottom. When these are finished, I the remove the quilt from the longarm.

Next I choose to measure about 5 inches from the seamline of the quilt’s outside border toward the batting edge. I then mark and cut along this line for both sides of the quilt. This provides a straight line to remount the built on the longarm. I rotate my quilt clockwise when I remount. (Meaning the left side is now the top of the quilt and right side is now the bottom of the quilt)

For the sides I only quilt the border because the corners have already been completed. The important part is marking the left and right edges so that the stitches connect. Finally I removed the quilt from the longarm and trimmed up so it is ready for the final step, binding.

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