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Face Masks…..

IMG_0327Well….tested out a pattern for smaller contour facemasks earlier in the week.   After trying both in the hoop and direct sewing, I decided the direct sewing was much more efficient.  The only drawback, is that there is not stabilizer in the center, which adds another protective layer.   I think for the next set I will try adding an extra layer of fabric or add  the filter pocket to these masks.

I started out with only one pattern piece.  Next I cut fabric squares  6″ x 6″.  Each mask takes two for the front and two for the back.  For the cording, I used 1/8″ elastic cording.  Each strand was cut to 8″ in length and then double knotted on both ends.  Every mask needs two bands.

First step is sewing the center seams for the front and back pieces, then pressing the seams to oneside.  It is also helpful to press the front seams and the back seams opposite of each other.  Next, I taped the elastic cording a half inch away from the top and bottom cornerIMG_0328s and a quarter inch away from the side seams.   Each of the knotted ends are placed off the edge of the fabric on the sides seams.  Finally I pinned  all the back or lining pieces on top of the prepared fronts, right sides all together.  Starting at the bottom, I sewed around the outer edges leaving about a one inch opening at the bottom to turn each mask.  For every mask I stitched the outer seam twice.

Next up was turning all the masks, right side out, pressing well, and pinning the opening closed.  To turn my pieces, I discovered a new tool…honestly I am wondering why I never knew about these – hemostats!  They fit perfectly in tight long spaces and clamp once they grab an edge you want to turn.  Then like magic, they pull the inside out in seconds!! Next I ran my turning tool, with a ball point, along the inside edges.  Finally  I removed  all the invisible tape and they were ready to press.  The final step is to top stitch all the way around the edges.



This  morning I finished all of my first round of masks.  There are 76 in total with a variety of colors and themes.  Here is the final set….