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Month 4 Challenge – 3D Designs….

Module4 I used the ‘idea of our challenge’, to create a 6 sided shape from a 2D design to physical 3D construction. I have been wanting to create a bin to take my sewing projects on our 5th Wheel when traveling. I created a six sided shape, however, I wanted it to be sturdy, handle weight and have pockets. I designed a six sided shape that has individual sides, with the addition of 4 outer pockets, decorative grommet openings with web handles, a slip on box lid at the top, and fully lined. I have attached my directions – 5 jpeg images – for my PDF file. I am excited to use it on our next trip!

Finally finished….

To finish my little clasp purses, I needed my Textile glue.   I ordered it and it was shipped the same day, June 6.  It finally arrived June 26 after traveling from the UK! This morning I was able finally able to glue my purses into their frames.  Below are the large purses, clasp purses, and little corky wallets.


Surprise for my students….

This will be a school year neither my students’ families or teachers will forget!  From temporary closure for pandemic (only practice packets) to full blown closure leading to distance learning (learning continues…).  We have lost loved one’s, friends and family, and still do not know where we are headed for fall.

I made each of my students a personal pouch with each of their names.  The fabric was chosen because I wanted my students to know, even in the darkest of moments their light continues to shine in this world.  This week was their final pick-up/drop-off of materials at school.  I have waited to post this picture, until the scheduled days were over.

IMG_0380 (1)