Seahawks custom quilting …..


My sweetie designed and created a Seahawks strip quilt. He ask me to custom Longarm quilt it with footballs and helmets. Mind you…. I just got my Longarm the beginning of June!

After choosing a design, he also wanted me to quilt across 4 strips and leave an empty strip between each quilted section. His other request, to alternate so that vertically the helmets and footballs would also alter in the quilted sections. So I flipped the design so it added more interest.

First we loaded the backing and then laid out the batting. Next we loaded the top – loading needs to be accurate, especially with a repeating pattern. About 8 hours later it was done.

Not bad for my first real job and most importantly not ruining all his hard work and creativity! He is very happy!! Now he just needs to bind it then it is off to a Special Olympics auction!!


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