Project Month 1-3 “Hello Spring”

I always learn so much when stitching out designs. Digitizing the idea is one portion but I also find there is so much learning when doing the stitch out. It helps me identify areas to watch for when digitizing. When I stitched out hooping one, I realized that the spiral was not the correct size nor did it have alternating rows. This taught me to be careful and watch to ensure using the same master design. Watching the decorative stitches also helped me really see the underlay and coverage for my appliqué. I still need to practice (and review the lesson) for ‘points’ on appliqué’ stitching. This gets tricky for me in ‘true view’ – sometimes I am not sure how to adjust. I also want to understand how to prevent my block outlines from stitching, while also allowing my quilting motif to be stitched. While my design is not perfect – I love the learning

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