Month 02 Challenge…

I learned a lot this month about digitizing and also me as a digitizer. I realized at the very beginning of this month, as a digitizer, I needed to complete my design in Corel and have the outlines/placement lines fully created in Hatch. I needed this to think about and determine the type of cover stitches I will be designing in Hatch and ultimately need to quilt around.

The first thing I did, at Sarah’s recommendation in this month’s class, was rethink my quilting design. It is simplistic but I like how the spirals add to my design. I also realized that it is best to export SVG files from my digitized Hatch placements, rather than Corel Draw because of edits made to improve the design in Hatch. With our stitch sampler and lesson, I now understand how to adjust the cover stitches so each applique is well attached to the backround. I had not thought about adding batting to my applique in the past. I love this affect and tested it with my butterflies in our second sampler this month. I am not sure if I remember correctly how digitized holes work. In my samplers I have stitched outlines for the shapes but not embroidered objects.

In sampler 2 – (my table runner design) – I have tested the different stitch technqiues on the different types of ‘shapes’ in my complete design. I learned an important lesson with this sampler – make sure if you adjust placement on the design that all the placement lines are moved WITH the decorative stitches. If you look at my padded butterly wings you can see my error/learning!

For my full table runner design, only the placement lines are currently digitized in Hatch. I have printed out and taped together my Hatch design. All of the SVG files were exported out of Hatch and were all cut on my scanncut. You can see them laid out on the printed design layout from Hatch. I am ready to start digitizing my full design in Hatch. I am interested to see how we will break the design in Hatch. Reflecting back I would give this month a ‘3’ it was challenging but not overwhelming.

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