Simply Dreaming outer borders

My outer borders for “Simply Dreaming” are prepped and ready to begin the emboridered quilting.

Part One: basting backing and batting I decided to baste my batting and backing on my longarm. This allowed me to keep the surface even more easily than placing on the floor. Using my channel locks, I quilted the zones using an eight by eight grid.

Part Two: adding quilt top to sandwich After completing part one above, I laid out the back on a large table top surface. Once smooth I laid out the outisde borders to begin squaring. The first thing I did, before squaring and pin basting, was to lay the quilt center and connective border on top. It was satiisfying to see roughly how the whole quilt will look.

Part 3: Squaring and pin basting Having basted my batting and backing, I found I gave myself a bit of an advantage for squaring because I had multiple guidelines for aligning my quilt top. I chuckled when Sarah referred to it as a ‘porcupine’. The pin basting wasn’t bad, however, once it was time fo ‘stitch in the ditch’ to secure, I quickly felt the ‘pocupine quills’ OMG”!!

Part 4: Out comes the center Once the outside borders were throroughly pinned, and measured, it was time to cut out the center of the sandwich. Then finally it was time to stitch in the ditch. Round 1, around the outside. Round 2, around the inner edge. Round 3, the seam between the edge of the cream and green.

Part 5: Clean up before beginning embroidered quilting Once I finished the stitching in the ditch, I needed to remove all my basting stitches from part 1. By the time I was done, the pile of thread looked like a bird’s nest! Next, I used a lint brush to clean up both sides of the outer border. Here it is cleaned up and ready to begin the embroidered quilting.

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