Singer Model 404 Restored

My hubby brought home a Singer 404 recently that I just finished restoring. This machine has a slant shank, is gear driven, has an internal motor, internal light, straight stitch with reverse, along with a bed that is 16.5″ wide x 7″ deep. There is a flip-up bobbin winder on the vertical portion of the arm of the machine just under the handwheel. It has a drop in class 66 bobbin in front of needle position accessible by a slide plate. The machine threads front to back. The thread cutter, rather than a separate metal part, is built into the back of the presser bar. This machine also has a rounded throat plate which raises instead of having feed dogs which lower. The machine has a tan color while the top and handwheel are on the machine cream.

The motor for this machine had a cracked casing. I was able to replace the motor with a fully serviced replacement. It runs and sews beautifully!

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