March Mayhem….

The month of March was a month of mayhem at home. Our adult son bought his first car last fall, after driving our ‘gifted’ 1997 4runner for years. He was on his way to work March 8 and was the 4th car back from a stop light. The front car, as reported by the police, attempted to make a left across oncoming traffic. They were unsuccessful and caused a horrible chain reaction. Ultimately…. the oncoming vehicle hit my son’s car head on, shoved him into the car behind him, and destroyed his car. The angels were watching over him and fortunately he was not physically hurt. This set the tone for our priorities in the month of March.

It took the full month to get his claim setup, have a determination on whether his car was totaled, and settle the claim so he could get another car. In the end, he ended up with my 5 year old Gen5 4runner and I purchased a new Gen5 4runner. This whole process was a learning for our son. He has never been in a car accident in his 12 plus years of driving. To top it off, he works graveyard. Between Covid, graveyard shift, and navigating an accident, it was a tedious process.

The cars are all shuffled and replaced but I was shocked when I realized it was already the middle of April!!!

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