Singer Model 66 – Day 2 Clean & Reassemble

When I disassemble the machine, I separate the parts into individual containers. Into the containers I add simple green and water. Then I shake the containers well and allow to sit overnight. The next day, I run the containers through my sonic cleaner. It is important not to place any of the painted parts, for example the handwheel or bobbin winder guard, into the simple green mixture. It will remove the paint!

To clean the machine head, I use sewing machine oil. I have found it loosens most of the grime without destroying the decals and shellac finish. To protect the machine, I use a Polish that I purchase from “The Singer Featherweight Shop” in Idaho.

Parts cleaning

Motor cleaning and testing – I check the wiring, remove the brush caps and brushed, and any old grease from cups. Then create a basic circuit to test motor.

Simple circuit motor test

Simple circuit light test, new LED

Finally reassemble all the parts….

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