Another rare Singer 101 …..

My Sweetie picked up another rare Singer 101. Our first one we finished restoring in October. These machines are engineered very differently than other Vintage Singers. They have a direct drive potted motor internal to the machine. The first of it’s type on a Singer. The models 15 and 201 have potted, direct drive motors that are part of the machines armature on the hand wheel.

The base of these machines are also different than all other vintage Singers. The base is fully closed with cast iron, providing only two access ports for greasing the bearings. The top base of these machines are made of aluminum. They are removable to access the machines wicking system. The ‘spider’ like piece absorbs oil that is distributed to the areas attached at the end of each wick arm.

I disassembled for cleaning, always my first step. Next is running the parts through the ultrasonic cleaner. While the parts clean, I begin the process of removing old grease and oil. The motor and bearings will be greased, then begins reassembly.

Machine parts ready for cleaning

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