Vintage Singer 306K

The Singer 306K sewing machine was produced at the Kilbowie factory between 1954 and 1961. They were finished in either black or a tan colour, but a few were made with a tan crinkle finish to the pillar, top arm and top cover plate. This machine uses a removable bobbin case that mounts vertically into the hook from the front. One of the draw backs with this bobbin case is the necessity to tilt the machine backwards to access the bobbin case underneath the bed. To make this easier, the base is provided with a latch to support the machine in the tilted back position.

306K reassembled: Cleaned, oiled, greased, timed, and stitch testing done. Awaiting ‘zigzag’ cam to preform final stitch testing and bight control function.

The correct needles for this machine are 206 x 13, a shorter length than other machines. Our machine came with the alternate bobbin case, with a hemi-sphere cut out, allowing for the ability to use standard 15 x 1 needles found on all other Singer vintage models.

Our 306K is also known as the ‘Automatic Swing-Needle 306K’ . This provides the ability to automatically produce different stitch patterns by mounting plastic pattern discs (cams) into a holder at the top of the main pillar. The engineering for this machine is different than it’s earlier vintage ancestors. The new mechanisms are a ‘swing mechanism’, a ‘bight control’, a ‘cam follower’, and a specialty ‘drive belt’.

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