Two new machines finished..

With the holiday season winding down, I had a chance to finish up two more vintage sewing machines. One is a Singer 15 and the other is a Singer 758 Touch-‘n-Sew.

I have refurbished a few Singer 15-90 and 15-91 machines. My Sweetie refurbishes the cabinets. This particular cabinet is very unique from the others we have gathered. It has a curved door, that when opened, provides storage drawers. It also has a sewing bench that provides even more storage underneath.

The Singer Touch ’n Sew series is the most ’modern’ of the vintage machines I have restored so far. This style machine has a unique bobbin system. The bobbin is wound directly into the bobbin case. The upper area, where most would assume is a ’tension’ guide, actually is a specialty thread guide. The trick for good tension is in threading this piece correctly. If you end up with large ’nested’ loops, this is the number one place to look. It is the only machine I have restored that also has built-in buttonholes, along with several decorative stitches. The machine has several cams that are interchangeable.

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