Vintage machines….

Well we now have 33 (thirty-three!!) vintage sewing machines. Within this assortment, there are 15 machines (nearly half!) that are Singers. As you will recall this is where I set my boundary for servicing. Currently there are only 3 that I have not fully serviced: 66 RedEye, 15-91, and 201. For this week, I told my Sweetie, that my VSM shop was closed so I can finish a baby quilt I am making for a friend.

Thought you might like to see the machines and workshop….

Here are some of the machines I have serviced…..there is a mixture of models I have worked on: Singer 66 treadles and motorized, 15/15K both external and potted motors, 9W7 Wheeler & Wilson rebadge treadle, 101 rare and unique potable motor, 99/99K mix of early tension dials through numbered dials with resersable sewing feature, a Spartan 192K and a 201 motorized and potable motor. I also have 2 featherweights 221K/221 – one white with smaller footprint, and one black.

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