How does a passion become an obsession? Hmmmm

It may seem that I fell off the face of the earth, however, I am still alive and well!

I posted earlier about tackling my Singer 66 Treadle. The joy it brought me when it actually worked was also noticed by my sweetie. So…before I knew what was happening, “one man’s trash, became another man’s treasure.” My hubby, who honestly cannot turn down something that is free – (“hey someday someone may want it….”) started shopping for vintage treadles and sewing machines. Between Craig’s List and MaxSold, he has managed to acquire 15 different machines – the majority have all been free!

I am not a hoarder – but my sweetie honestly is on the cusp of being a true hoarder. When this collides with what he see’s bringing me joy, it can be very dangerous (LOL). This meant telling him what I was and was/not willing to do with this collection of machines! Okay setting limits is not my strong point…but this one needed to have a limit so it doesn’t take over my own life!

I have been cleaning, servicing, and tuning up any of the Singer machine’s he brings home: So far… is the list: Singer 66 (my first treadle in my earlier blog post, Singer 66 Lotus, Singer 66 motorized, Singer 66 Red-Eye (I took this one down to bare metal), Singer 15-90K, Singer 99 (two that my husband is keeping for himself), and a Singer 9W7 (originally this was a Wheeler and Wilson machine that Singer bought out and rebadged as a Singer machine. It was their first actual rotary machine.)

Below is a collection of photos for the machines after I have completed cleaning and servicing, the exception is the Red-Eye which I stripped down to metal. My hubby is cleaning and restoring the cabinets, the open question, where these will go next!

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