Quilt so far… month’s 1-5, getting close to finishing quilting of the inner quilt

Month’s 1 through 4 were creating the embroidered applique blocks. Month 5 is quilting all the negative spaces (cream fabrics) for each of the 4 month’s blocks. I have done month 3, 4, and one half of month 2.

This is my first time using my embroidery machine to quilt within the hoop. Learning a lot about how to align, trace, size the designs. Also found my magnetic hoop works really well for ease of hooping. The only issue is when needing to replace a bobbin during stitch out. Because the quilt isn’t in a traditional hoop that is screwed tightly, it is tricky removing the hoop to replace the bobbin. Rather than playing ‘chicken’ with the bobbin, I make sure there is enough before I stitch out.

Hung it up on the design wall so I could actually see the whole quilt so far. It isn’t perfect but I am still very happy with my results so far.

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