Simply Dreaming Quilt…

For the last 2 years, life has been overwhelming. I am a two-time Cancer survivor, with out a spleen. This means I am extremely immuno-suppressed. In a non-pandemic, pneumonia and the flu are risky – with Covid, my world completely shut-down. This lead to the difficult decision to take leave from work as an elementary teacher and give up my contracted position.

My Mom’s dementia had just begun to take hold at the beginning of 2020. For the whole year she was cut-off from the world with no idea what was happening. In a long-term care situation, her campus has been closed to all visitors. She couldn’t have meals in the cafeteria any longer nor socialize. She couldn’t remember how to use a phone, computer, television and was left on her own. In March this year, she took a serious turn for the worse. Feeling abandoned and alone, she escaped into her own reality and became combative. Within a few weeks, she would refuse food and care, leading to her death.

When Sarah Vedeler introduced her 2019 block of the month, “Simply Dreaming”, she commented she had been coming off a very bad year. At the time I had made her “Peace, Love, and Joy” as a gift for my sister. Next, I made the “Sedona Star” which I finished at the end of 2019 and planned to send out for custom longarming in early 2020. I had no idea how the world would so drastically change.

After so much loss, putting my heart into something beautiful is what I need. I started my “Simply Dreaming” quilt last weekend. I finished month 1, month 2, and half of month 3. When my quilt is finished, my hope is it will bring me comfort, help recall beautiful memories of those I have loved and lost, and that beauty can be found even in the darkest of times.

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