How to say good-bye…..

Our jack-russell terrior, Patches, has been my best friend, comforter, and playmate for more than 15 years. He traveled to Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, Lake Chelan, and often local farmers’ markets. He was always the sweetest and smartest little dog I have known. When we rescued our little 8 pound toy Dachshund, he welcomed her and was very patient with his new ‘little sister’ – Missy. He let her be mother hen, allowed her to annoyingly just park herself on him for body heat, and allowed her to think she was a ‘queen’. She is half blind, doesn’t hear, and was rescued from a puppy mill. When she came home, she had no idea what grass was or that she could run and play. Patches made sure she had a better life.

Patches suffered from an inherited neruological issue all his life. Until two years ago, it never affected his quality of life. He ran, jumped, and chased many a squirrel, managing to actually catch one at one point. The last two years, it became really bad. He no longer could really run and play. The last 6 months, he could barely stand, go up/down stairs nor hop on a chair to cuddle. He cried all day and night – never comfortable. We had to say good-bye to him Monday. There is such a huge hole in my heart and Missy seems lost with out him.

Good bye my sweet puppie, be careful catching squirrels this time – you don’t want to be a corncob again.

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