Time for some home updates!

Well the end of March brought some unexpected home updates! Our dishwasher died. Which ultimately led to replacing all our kitchen appliances. We bought them all about 15 years ago, so it was time!

We decided to go ahead and paint the kitchen, so it would all be fresh. Which then led to, maybe we should also freshen up our main upstairs bathroom.

We both love to cook and prefer to cook on Gas. Our house had a natural gas line already plumbed though the range we had was electric. We replaced the electric with gas, which was very exciting. As all home improvement goes, it is never as simple as one might think! The power for the electric range was 220 and the gas line in the wall was so close to the cabinet it would crimp the gas line. So we needed to a new 110 electrical outlet and some extra parts to route the gas line up so it would not crimp.

Happily…..after one week of intensive daily labor, the kitchen was ready.

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