Kim Diehl “Hickory Dickory” Wall hanging….

One of the only outings last year, was to a quilt shop in Leavenworth, Washington. I had never been to the shop. My hubbie visited them, prior to Covid, on his way home from out-of-town meetings. To support the shop and give me a change of scenery, we planned a day trip to visit. I have never bought a quilt kit but saw several small wall hangings I thought were really cute.

While we were at the shop, my hubbie secretly bought me one of the kits. It is Kim Diehl’s “Hickory Dickory”. It came with the directions….we think it is only 3-point font …. along with the fabrics. There are several small parts – each square is 1″ finished.

This week I spent time cutting out the top and piecing. Today I put it on the longarm (okay my husband is laughing at me for having done this LOL) and added the binding. I honestly have enough material left that I cut out a second quilt too.

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