Learning to Digitize sew out…

Started sewing out ” I love to Sew” quilting project. This project is all about learning to digitize both cutting files and embroidery/applique. To read more, visit this earlier blog post https://meditativesewing.com/2021/02/10/having-fun-learning-to-digitize/

I started by piecing the background quilt. Next I began slowly adding the appliques. I learned how to create shapes, add running stiches, tack down stitches, motifs, and even fills. It also taught me how to use PE-11, my Luminaire, and scan-n-cut interactively. Every block has flaws, yet I progressed and improved which each subsequent design.

Since I chose not to do raw applique – tack and trim, I ended up with about a 3mm space between my applique fabric and the stitches. I learned it is better to send the PE tack-down stitch to my scan-n-cut without clearance. The way I adjusted on this project was by changing the tack-down stitch to 6mm. For my motif stitches I also made them at least 6mm. I also learned for a stem stitch, the maximum allowed is 3mm.

A perfectionist, there is a time I would have thrown a project away with the first flaw. The fact that I continued and adapted is personal progress!! Here is a peak at the top with the applique finished. Tomorrow I will add all the decorative pieces – buttons, ribbons, etc.

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