Undersea segmented blocks

My sweetie lent me his Emerald 118 so I could sew while mine is being serviced. It was his first machine that I gave him for Christmas a few years back. At the time he had started making fleece tie blankets and cut his fabric using a metal ruler with a razor blade! He kept looking at the sewing machines when we went to the Viking Center when we shopped at JoAnn’s. He went from terrified to even put his fingers near the machine to making numerous blankets, scarves, and hats. By the following Christmas he wanted a little more, so he now has a Tribute 145C.

A basic machine, it is a work horse. Since my undersea quilt will not have any embroidered blocks, sewing a basic 1/4″ straight seam is simple with this machine.

Below are my block segments I sewed yesterday. Each segment (3 colored, 2.5″ x WOF) yielded 16 – 3 piece segments.

I made 9 groups containing 3 color strips for each segment

  1. I made 3 sets for each 3 identical color combination
  2. Each group of 3 yielded 16 – 3 piece segments
  3. So for each group of 3 identical combinations, it yielded 48 like segments
  4. In total it came to 144 – 3 piece segments
  5. I only needed 44 for this quilt, leaving 100 to incorporate into my other undersea projects I will be doing!

Here is what the completed segments look like on my design wall. Today I will start sewing the pieces together to assemble the quilt top.

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