Having fun learning to digitize….

My Luminaire is in for a ‘spa’ session. In the meantime I am having fun learning to use my digitizing software. I purchased Sulky’s 2013 BOM (Block of the Month) “I love Sewing”. It is a free download from the German website.

With my Luminaire in for service, I am learning to use PE Design 11 for digitizing. My pattern came with paper templates. I was able to use my Scan ‘n Cut DX (my Disney version integrates with my Luminaire) and create cutting files specific to my Scan ‘n Cut and also transfer “FCM” files to my computer. The “FCM” format is readable by PE Design 11 software as an import. I simply choose a scan n cut import within PE Design 11.

The pattern came with a single template for each applique block which is a combination of the outline and sketched applique stitches. The quilt is written for hand applique, however, I wanted to turn it into a digitized version. For cutting the shapes I traced the outlines for the shapes I wanted to cut. For example, a basic spool has a top, middle/thread, and the bottom. The pattern image only has the shape drawn. If I cut exactly on these lines they might end up with gaps. Cutting them with ease ensures the shapes slightly overlap each other. By scanning them into my scanncut, I now have digital cutting files for all the applique designs.

The next step was creating digitized stitch designs for each applique. I used the applique wizard in PE Design 11. The software is very intuitive – the important part is knowing the order you want to sew the various pieces. It is important to know how to order the applique so it stiches out in the correct order. I also learned that I could use both the scanned pattern images, along with my basic cutting files, using a combination to create the final design files.

I am excited to see how this stitches out when my Luminaire is back home. In the meantime, here are some images of the planning for my quilt.

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