Glacier Wolves and finding peace…

On our last visit to Montana, pre-Covid, I purchased a wolf panel that is a digital image of wolves in Glacier National Park. After much practicing on my longarm, I finally felt ready to actually quilt. I have practiced on smaller pieces and whole quilt. The tension just never was quite right. After watching several videos and practicing, for almost a full week, I finally was happy with stiches on the front AND back of the quilt. I used a pantograph and planned it for repeating for the entire quilt top.

I loaded up my quilt yesterday and then stopped for the night. I was so excited to start quilting, I hardly slept last night. I honestly felt like a child excited for Christmas morning! I finally got up at 4:00 AM! I watched one more lesson for nested pantographs and printed out the tutorial. Fueled by coffee, after snuggling with the puppies, I headed downstairs to my crafting room. While it is not perfect, I am VERY pleased with the final results! All that is left is binding the edges.

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