Quarantine Insomnia.. maybe this will help

New project, soft fleece, sleep masks.   I have insomnia to begin with and the lighter it is outside, the harder it is to remain asleep.   These will help to keep the light out…a little incense, soft music, and hopefully sleep all night!

Seriously though,,,, these are really fun.  I have avoided embroidering on fleece.  My other machine frustrated me because the thread would simply shred.  This new machine does an outstanding job.  I used a water soluble stabilizer on top to keep the stiches clear.  Without the topping, the stiches are lost in the pile of the fleece.   Below is a video  of my machine embroidering one of my first samples.  This is followed by pictures of the colors and designs I will be using for this batch.  When finished, I will have 30 of these soft little masks.


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