Baby bibs, Oh, Baby! …..

There seems to  be  a baby-boom on soon-to-be,  or newly  arrived, little bundles of love.  I had so much fun making these sweet little bibs.  My sweetie thought they  were so cute, he had me make some for a friend who is a retired police officer.

By  the time I was done, I ended up with 43 assorted colors and styles.   Each requires 2 pieces – which I cut with my AccuQuilt die.  With the die, I am able to cut 3 bibs at a time in just a few minutes.  The bibs come off the die ready to sew, no need to even pin.  I sewed around the outer edges, leaving a 1″ opening to turn right side out.   Before turning, I clipped all the curves so they would lay nicely when pressed.   To turn the bibs, I used my new favorite tool – hemostats – which made short time of turning small spaces.  I used my ball-point turning tool for pressing the edges outward, while pressing flat with the iron.  Each  opening was pinned and then I sewed a topstitch round the outer edges. The final piece, adding Velcro button tabs. I found heat setting the adhesive buttons with the iron affixes the buttons well to the bibs.  The Velcro is a safer option for baby for quick ‘break-away’, rather than a button.  Below are pictures of the process, followed by the finished little gifts.


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