Time to bake some cookies!!

It is nice to be able to bake but it has been a really longtime since I made cookies. I love cooking and baking but for two empty nesters that are busy professionals it seems silly. It is not like the days when our youngest was in high school. We always had him and 7 of his friends literally at our house for dinner almost every evening and most weekends.

Making huge meals, several loaves of bread, cheese, cakes, ice cream, pasta, and pastries was the norm – all from scratch. I often made large gift boxes for all my sweeties friends and colleagues at work – filled with homemade candy, cookies, and jam.

Teaching has taken over my life and filled all those spaces!   Today I savored my time away from the classroom and actually baked.  I made two of our son’s favorites and a third my sweeties favorite. The house smells heavenly! Molasses, snickerdoodles, and almond biscotti.


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