Reward…..homemade pizza

After 15 years in the same house, going from 2 teenage boys to empty nesters, we have been looking to the final chapters in our lives.  We are looking forward to spending more time with our favorite charities, creating our special crafts, and a slower pace of life.   Do we stay and remodel or move to a place we yearn to be every time we leave?   What do we need to “finish” is the question of the day as we think about our timeline.

First step: seriously assessing what we have collected:  from project materials for ‘possible creations’ to gear when we went on family vacations, had family gatherings, to a house full of boys hanging out at our house almost every night and most weekends. Neither of us likes the idea of just dumping everything at the ‘dump’.  So we began with the question: What do we really want/need, what is something we can pass along for others to enjoy?  We made 2 trips to Second Use/Habitat for Humanity, 1 to Value Village, 3 to Goodwill, 1 to Play-it-again sports, and 1 to Finding Treasures for a cure Thrift Shop.  We also were able to recycle scrap metal and old fluorescent lights.

To wrap-up our busy weekend I made homemade pizza – dough and sauce – my husbands favorite!

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