TGIF! Good morning wine, cheese, and bread…

This morning checked on both batches of plum wine and baked more zucchini bread!

Batch 1, where the fruit has been removed, is still fermenting nicely.  This morning:

  • Brix at 18.5, PA 10%, S.G. 1.070
  • PH 3.2 and Acid at .875
  • Stirred well
  • Cleaned and filled airlock with fresh sanitizer

Batch 2, added the airlock with sanitizer to keep out fruit flies

  • Still has the fruit bag, which I will remove around day 5 after pitching yeast
  • Pushed down fruit bag, stirred well
  • Cleaned and filled airlock with fresh sanitzer

Colby Cheese:

  • Air drying nicely
  • Wipe a few spots with cheesecloth and small amount of vinegar
  • Should be able to begin chilling tomorrow prior to waxing then aging


  • Baked the last two loaves of zucchini bread from the one zucchini
  • That makes 6 total, 5 went into the freezer for this winter.


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