Viewing back of quilt on Longarm…

When we were on vacation this summer, we stopped by one of the quilt shops in Ellensburg where they also have several Gammel Longarms.   As we were visiting with the shop owner, we noted she had mirrors laid on the bed of her Longarm along with LED lighting.   One of her Gammels can also be computer driven.  This means there is a belt running the length of the table that moves the machine during automated stitch-out.  The mirrors and lightening needed to be flat enough to allow the belt and automation motor on the bottom of the Longarm carriage to pass freely.

Being able to easily see the stitches on the back of a quilt, when mounted on a Longarm, can be tricky and often requires crawling on the floor in all kinds of contorted ways to check work.  It was a brilliant idea and she was kind enough to allow us to take pictures. Today I headed to Fred Meyers for back-to-school Dorm room sales.  I was able to purchase two black framed mirrors along with a 20’ length of LED lights for $25.00!!  So I headed home to install.


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