Patches…JRT update!

Well Patches survived his ordeal yesterday.  Ten teeth pulled!  Apparently they all began to rot at the root level below his gums.  I am told this is a ‘cat’ thing and not a ‘dog’ thing. We were able to pick him up at 6:30 and he was definitely feeling no pain.  White glassy look, the silliest smile ever, and drooling.  He came home with antibiotics and pain meds.  We had him try to eat when we got home…which he inhaled and thankfully did not puke!  So…we were able to give him a full meals worth.

The pill was a little tricky.  Fortunately they are chewable, so we crushed and mixed into his dog food.  He was never the wiser.  This is good because he needs to take twice a day (every 12 hours).  I did the same thing this morning and he gobbled it up, wanting more.  Tonight we will give him his first pain med – that is how doped up he was, 24 hours until his first pill at home for pain.  This morning he thankfully drank lots of water.  We actually call it his ‘camel’ drinking because he won’t drink at all.  Next thing you know, he will drink the bowl completely dry, then usually one more full bowl.  We aren’t sure where he stores all the liquid.

Today he is content to rest and watch over his ‘squirrel’ kingdom!

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