Plum wine second batch started today

Our little JRT is at the vet today for dental work.   To keep myself busy, I started the second batch of Plum Wine.   As I just finished assembling the must, the vet called.  Our poor little pooch needs to have 7 (seven!!!) extractions.  He is 13 years old – which means he is 91 – the poor thing.  I am off to buy some soft food.  He will probably wish he could have some wine after today!


Plum wine:  Today’s batch

  • 28 cups of sugar added to bucket and dissolved in 8 cups boiling water
  • Place fruit bag and roughly pit and chop 30 pounds of plums
  • After 20 pounds cut, added another 6 cups of boiling water and stirred well
  • After 30 pounds cut, added 6 cups of boiling water and stirred well
  • Then added 8 cups of cold filtered water
  • Allowed the must to cool to 80 degrees
  • Crushed 5 campden tablets and dissolved in 1/4 cup filtered water.
  • Pitched into the must and stirred well
  • Finished at 1:45 PM – wait 12 hours to added Pectic enzyme and 24 hours to add yeast starter.

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