Good morning wine….

One of the daily check-ins you learn to do when fermenting, is to always say ‘good morning’ and ‘good-night’ to your bubbling brew!  Checking in several times to push the cap down is very important daily.

This morning the Brix is at 26, S.G. is 1.100, and PA is about 13.5%  This is good, the decreases indicate fermentation is happening.  It also is not fermenting too quickly.

Acid: was much better at .875 (3.5 reagent * .25).  Our target is .65 so still need it to adjust by .225.  This equates to adding an additional 1.5 tsp of acid blend (.225 / .15). I still am not going to add in the additional acid because I want to make sure what is already in the must is fully dissolved.  It is easy to add acid and much harder to adjust down if it is too high.

PH remains consistent at 3.2

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