Well the school year ended June 26, at the end of the day.

We had several snow days late January, most of February, and early March. So our school year ended late. It has only been a week and I am just getting through the ‘funk’ and ‘fractured feeling’ not being at school every day.

As an introvert, it takes a LOT of energy to be on and keeping the pace high for my gifted kiddos. We live on the clock and change lessons every 40 minutes. To have this happen fluidly requires lots of planning. Given the myriad of subjects we teach, it also takes a lot of creative, out of the box thinking, to develop integrated, real-world projects, that are collaborative, cooperative, problem-based, and high-interest.

To top it off, I also fractured my left ankle at school. The sidewalk has about an 8″ drop where the ground has sunken below the edge of the sidewalk. My foot rolled in the drop – hard enough, that the tendons, muscles, etc. rolling fractured the bone. I was suppose to be in a walking cast for 6 weeks but at 4 weeks given okay to not wear.

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