Taking my quilting to the next level…

For Mother’s Day I received a Q’Nique Longarm quilting machine on a 10’ Continuum frame, with Quilter’s Creative Touch, Beginnings (QCT4).  Last weekend, June 1, my order came in – less the idler rail, small ruler, and laser.   Rex and I spent the weekend installing the frame, machine, and automation.   During the week, we repurposed our Surface 2, now dedicated to the quilting machine.  During the school week, I updated the Surface, install updates, and prepared it for QCT4.

Next, I installed QCT4 and QCT4 (Gold Access for 90 Days).  Saturday was about sampling and testing the machine.  Threading, winding bobbins, installing needles, testing bobbin tension, and properly threading machine.  I oiled the machine, inserted a new needle using the magnet to align, turned and adjusted the hopping foot using the hopping foot guide, installed the ruler plate.  I loaded up a quilt sandwich to test the machine and practice patterns and Panto graphs.  Sunday was sewing out the quilt and patterns.



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