Voila! First quilt to precious child in Mongolia.


I love that my sweetie took up sewing.  He saw how much joy and peace it brought me and thought he might find his ‘peaceful’ place learning to sew.  He makes fleece blankets that range from baby quilts, to favorite sports teams, and every kit includes a matching hat and scarf.  From Special Olympics, womens shelters, children’s hospital, and so much more, they are all gifted.  They are made and given from the heart, the reward is the gift of joy on the receivers face.

A board member of SOWA, and longtime LETR member, he has been raising awareness and sponsoring/participating/fundraising for this worthy group of athletes.  He visited Mongolia in 2018 to support and share how LETR can support these children and families in need.  Maggie Ball of Dragonfly Quilts does outreach for Mongolian Women.  She put out a request for quilts for newborn children to send to Mongolia.  So Rex attempted his first pieced quilt, with batting, backing, and binding.


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