Very productive day…..

During the school year there is no such thing as time off the clock, even when I try to make spaces.  One of the reasons I love to sew….even if it is only 30 minutes each day, gives me a reason to take back some of my time.   Spring break officially started yesterday and my sweetie was off for the day.

Today, alone with the dogs, house, and sewing machine, it was high gear.   First up, making dinner in the crock-pot.   Beef stew a serious comfort food.   Tackled the laundry, vacuumed the house from top to bottom, and the dishes all done.

In between I busily worked on my quilt.   Finished June’s 3 Applique blocks and prepared July and August blocks.   The July blocks are almost finished for the Applique.  I also managed to prepare September’s templates and cut out the pieces.

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